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Local Voices 2019

Landowners in the Markham Valley share their views about the renewable energy PNG Biomass project they are participating in. Since 2011 they have worked hard and remained committed to seeing the 30-megawatt clean energy project excel.

Local Voices 2018

Who is PNG Biomass and what makes this renewable energy project in the Markham Valley so unique? Listen to local staff, landowners and community explain our biomass power project.

Biomass power and carbon cycle

This PNG Biomass animation explains what biomass power is and how does the biomass carbon cycle works.

Powering PNG, Empowering Communities

We are powering Papua New Guinea (PNG) with renewable energy, and empowering communities with a wide range of benefits and opportunities. We are contributing to PNG’s electrification and renewable energy policies.

Lokol Komiuniti Kibung (TOK PISIN)

PNG Biomass i kamapim diwai plenteisen nauyet wantaim halpim na luk save bilong ol lendowna na komiuniti. Displa 16 tausen hekta diwai plentaisen em i as bilong biomass we bai givim 30 megawatt pawa long longpela taim na ino inap long sot. Em bai halpim 4 million pipol husat istap insait long sevenpela Provins we Ramu Grid igivim pawa.

Local Stakeholder Consultation (ENGLISH)

PNG Biomass is developing tree plantations with the active involvement of local landholders and communities in the Markham Valley in Papua New Guinea to power a 30 megawatt biomass power plant to provide electricity for the Ramu Grid.

PNG Biomass – Driving Sustainable Growth in PNG

The PNG Biomass Power Project is the latest and one of the most exciting clean and sustainable energy initiatives in PNG’s history. After years of planning, and significant progress on engineering, project feasibility studies, plantation trials and landowner engagement, plus the involvement of world experts on sustainable biomass developments, the PNG Biomass Project is now to be implemented with the potential to generate sizeable benefits for PNG and its citizens.

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