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Health, Safety, Environment and Security Supervisor

Ninning Jal has over 6 years’ experience working in safety & risk management, environmental management and monitoring, as well as delivering environmental and safety training in the extractive industry and forestry sector in Papua New Guinea.

Ninning is the supervisor for Health, Safety, Environment and Security (HSES) at PNG Biomass. She began her career in environmental management and monitoring with social enterprise Eco Services Limited. Later she joined Oil Search and worked for its safety and environment department for four years in Southern Highlands Province. She heard about a renewable energy project that Oil Search was involved in and how it would be the first of its kind in PNG. Knowing that addressing climate change and renewable energy is the focus of the future, she joined PNG Biomass in June 2017 to bring her expertise and experience to the project.

“PNG Biomass is a great place for women to work, first and foremost, it is an equal opportunity employer, meaning it employs people based on skills and knowledge and not predetermined because of what sex you are,” says Ninning. “We have policies on gender equality and a code of conduct, but also work benefits such as paid maternity leave. But last but not least, for me, the involvement of women from the communities we operate in, seeing that implemented, makes me very happy to work with PNG Biomass.”

“The key thing we can all do in our companies and organisations is to involve a women’s voice in decision-making. But we also need to be agile and identify early those women that show potential, initiative, and leadership to help them develop by offering programs to train and coach them.”

“Another way to empower women is to assist them to partner with NGOs, organisations, or government departments that have existing programs or focus on women, such as for example, Women in Business, Business & Professional Women’s Club, and the Oil Search Foundation.”

“Women hold a lot of influence in their families, whether you realise it or not, as a woman you influence your family members and your community. It’s not so much what you say but what you do that speaks out aloud what your values are. So if we are all about supporting women in business and want to empower women, let’s get out there and do it: by doing simple things as helping your daughter with her homework or listening to her air her views or thoughts at home, you are cultivating and raising a woman not afraid to speak up or raise her voice when required. I believe it starts in our families, villages and communities.”

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