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Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Jessie has over 20 years’ experience in the field of communications and stakeholder engagement. She effectively drives the development and maintenance of strong relationships with key stakeholders, including communities, NGOs and all levels of government. She is specialised in the areas of technical and non-technical writing, editing and publishing, farmer learning, and managing and delivering donor-funded community development projects.

Before Jessie joined PNG Biomass in 2016 she was with the National Agricultural Research Institute as well as the Forest Research Institute where she was part of the fuelwood research team. At these key institutions, Jessie worked on the intersection of communications and agroforestry which allowed her to develop expertise in an area that turned out to be perfectly suited to lead PNG Biomass’ stakeholder engagement department. Today as Stakeholder Engagement Manager at PNG Biomass she oversees community and government affairs, environmental and social performance, communities’ business development, and land access.

While working at the Forest Research Institute in Lae she already had a keen interest in the developments of PNG Biomass since its inception in 2010. “I always followed PNG Biomass with pride and great enthusiasm because the Forest Research Institute was part of the project’s humble beginnings and I knew this was something new and innovative,” says Jessie.

“What really attracted me to join PNG Biomass was Oil Search’s approach to working with communities. Their Community Affairs team was always at the forefront of engaging the communities in the Markham Valley to access land in order to set up demonstration and trial plots of various tree species. They also had great innovative trials, such as intercropping and clean cooking stoves, that are beneficial for women in the local communities.”

Jessie conducting a community town hall meeting at Chivasing village in the Markham Valley.

“Women need social and economic empowerment and PNG Biomass is developing strategies that can involve young women to participate in activities that will help them appreciate themselves to build an equal playing field in their society to become small to medium entrepreneurs.”

“PNG Biomass is a greener pasture for women who want to challenge their intellectual ability to reach beyond the unthinkable. We have different professional positions and the women are experts in their own fields. We have young and enthusiastic women in the business who challenge themselves every day to achieve results that they first think unachievable. It is because they are encouraged by experienced senior managers to think outside the box. Every woman working with us at PNG Biomass is a humble beginner who is writing her own story in PNG’s history in this new exciting, challenging and rewarding business of biomass energy in PNG.”

“To all young aspiring women: Create a destiny that will make your life’s journey an inspiration. Always be positive and aspire to be the best by standing shoulder-to-shoulder with your male colleagues as equals. Always have a solution when there is a problem and take every obstacle as a challenge persevering to reach your goal. Do not envy another woman because that is when jealousy creeps in, you are unique and you have your best qualities in you, so identify them and make use of them. Only when you do, you empower yourself as innovative and productive.”

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