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The plantations will be mechanically harvested using specialised equipment. Harvesting will operate two shifts a day on a six to seven day week.   It is envisaged that the plantations will be managed on a 4 to 7 year rotations with 1 or 2 coppice cycles prior to replanting. Replanting will occur between 4 and 18 years depending on the number of coppice cycles.

Detailed harvesting plans will be developed to ensure that the trees are harvested at a sustainable rate and not damaging the ecosystem.


All wood from the Plantation and third party sourced logs will be transported to the site on trucks using the public road network. The logs will be off loaded and stored in a custom built log yard at the Power Plant site prior to chipping.

The trucks used to transport the logs to the Power Plant will have a capacity of 10 to 30 tonnes per truck and will comply with PNG transport laws and guidelines. Biomass will be principally sourced locally from plantations located in the Markham Valley and where possible truck movements will be limited to approximately a 80 kilometre radius of the Power Plant site, thereby avoiding centres of high population density.

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