1 July 2015. PNG Biomass has today taken delivery of a new Tractor and ancillary equipment to support their expanding plantation establishment activities in the Markham Valley, PNG. The new equipment is to be used to supplement independent contractors who are currently engaged by the company to support the plantations site preparation and maintenance activities.

PNG Biomass has undertaken a rapid expansion¬†in their planting program over the last three months which has seen a large increase in the demand for people and mechanical resources to support the program. Plantations Supervisor, Trevor Galgal, said that local tractor operators have provided great service, but it was recognised that there were competing demands on equipment between local landowner’s needs and those of the project. The new tractor is expected to provide greater resource capability and a better balance between the use of internal and third party equipment. One of the keys to the success of the project is seen to be the effective utilisation of available¬†manpower and equipment resources.

In order to support the new equipment, the project is looking at engaging more staff and establishing a small operational base in the Tararan Village area of the Markham Valley. This latest acquisition demonstrates the PNG Biomass joint venture partners commitment to progressing the project.

PNG Biomass is looking to develop large scale tree plantations in the Markham Valley, which will be used as feedstock to a power generation plant for delivery of electricity to the RAMU grid. The project is currently awaiting approval from PNG Power and other government agencies to enable the project to proceed.

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