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PNG Biomass community development programs help with building the capacity of communities and aim enhance the livelihoods of Papua New Guineans in our Project area in the Markham Valley. We encourage simple technical improvements to existing livelihood activities, the introduction of new agricultural technologies and activities, and promoting new local economic opportunities.

Our community development programs focus on improving food security and nutrition by increasing agricultural production and diversity, empowering women by creating business opportunities and offering financial literacy training, and developing the skills of the men, women and youth in our Project area to help communities generate incomes for themselves today and long into the future.


Our Intercropping Program builds upon early agriculture trials of planting cash-crops in between rows of trees on our plantation. The introduction of intercropping was welcomed by communities during the Project’s early development phase and has been tailored to meet the needs of our communities in the Markham Valley, with a particular focus on offering women additional subsistance farming opportunities and cash crop income streams.

#FoodSecurity #Women’sEmpowerment #BusinessOpportunities

Switpela Bi Hani

Switpela Bi Hani is native bee program developed by PNG Biomass that creates awareness around the presence and value of native bees in the Markham Valley and presents communities with interesting local business opportunities. We explain the importance of bees in pollinating village gardens and explore with communities the potential opportunities for bee-keeping and honey production.

#Nutrition #Women’sEmpowerment #BusinessOpportunities #SkillsTraining

Financial Literacy Training

PNG Biomass is committed to introducing communities without much prior financial experience and knowledge to the basics of money management and banking. We work in partnership with the Bank of South Pacific (BSP) who has developed a Financial Literacy Program specifically designed for remote communities.

We target the hour-long financial literacy training specifically at women, however making sure to include any men interested in the training. Topics include setting financial goals and creating budgets, setting savings goals, methods on how to increase savings, coping with emergencies, selecting the right savings options, developing and utilising a savings plan, and how to use mobile banking to your advantage.

#Women’sEmpowerment #FinancialLiteracy #SkillsTraining

Clean Cooking Stoves

PNG Biomass is introducing and promoting the use of clean and efficient cooking stoves to address environmental, health, and livelihoods impacts of cooking with solid fuels.

We have trialled two types of clean cooking stoves: the BioLite HomeStove and the ACE 1 Ultra-Clean Biomass Cookstove. Both cooking stoves provide an affordable mechanism for communities to gain health and cost-savings benefits from using clean alternative power sources for cooking. The stoves also provide small-scale lighting and charging of electrical devices such as mobile phones. PNG Biomass is partnering with world-class suppliers to source and introduce clean and efficient biomass cooking stoves. Our partners have been working in developing countries and have proven solutions that have been well received by communities and are tested under the IWA 11:2012 Guidelines for evaluating cookstove performance.


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