PNG Biomass

An iconic renewable energy project

Welcome to PNG Biomass, one of the most exciting clean and sustainable energy initiatives in Papua New Guinea’s history.

Oil Search is proud to be driving this exciting power initiative, which will not only enhance generation capacity on the grid, but will also empower landowners and contribute to the well-being of local communities, create opportunities for future generations, and provide energy independence for PNG without compromising the country’s pristine and unique environment.

PNG Biomass

Benefits and opportunities


  • COMPETITIVE ENERGY — The energy produced by PNG Biomass will be stable, competitively priced and not affected by increases in oil prices.
  • ENERGY INDEPENDENCE — The domestic generation of power ensures a long-term reduction in exposure to power prices associated with increasing imported diesel and heavy fuel oil costs.
  • EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES — Over the 25-year project life, PNG Biomass will create major local employment opportunities with over 500 ongoing jobs and an additional 650 jobs during construction and plantation establishment, with PNG nationals constituting more than 95% of the workforce.
  • LANDHOLDER PARTICIPATION — Landowners benefit from land rental, crop share, employment and local business. They can obtain additional benefits from intercropping, where food and cash crops are planted between the rows of plantation trees.
  • CLIMATE AND SUSTAINABILITY — PNG Biomass will enhance PNG’s international environmental reputation and demonstrates PNG leadership in climate adaptation and renewable energy.
  • ELECTRIFYING PNG — PNG Biomass contributes to the PNG Government’s goal of increasing access to electricity to 70% of the population by 2030.
  • CARBON EMISSIONS — PNG Biomass is expected to displace fossil fuel generation of more than 4 million tonnes of CO2 emissions over the life of the project.



Our Vision: Powering PNG, Empowering Communities

To improve the well-being of Papua New Guineans by developing an iconic renewable energy project, with the active involvement of local landholders, to provide a long-term sustainable source of safe and reliable biomass power in harmony with communities and the environment.

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